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Living Room Refurbishment 

This 1930’s Art Deco Villa in London is a wonderful home to a family who wanted to create a sophisticated and comfortable space in which to read a book or watch TV, or as a smart space to entertain guests. The brief: cosy, versatile, elegant, bright and easy to maintain, as well as housing a much-loved piano and the vast fitted bookcase.  To add to this, the space needed to link to the kitchen and also needed to be closed off for piano practice and drinks parties.  

Before . . .

After. . .


The living room sits between an internal corridor and what is now a vast kitchen-diner.  As such, the living room had an internal window and heavy exterior doors. The layout meant that the space had no direct natural light and was very dark.   

The room layout and the internal joinery was re-designed, installing elegant glazed internal doors which complement the art deco details of the room and the rest of the house. 

The internal window was removed and closed up to create a deep alcove for a lamp and the antique mirror which bounces light around the room. The original oak floor was discovered under the carpet and refurbished to a beautiful colour which complements

the fireplace.  

Vintage Halabala armchairs were sourced specifically for this project and the new sofas are upholstered in easy to maintain fabrics, including a wonderfully comfortable “intelligent” velvet.  The fitted bookcase was transformed by painting the back a complementary shade of blue.  

Lighting this room to allow the family to use it at different times of day was crucial; there is no ceiling lighting in this room, instead the clients can use the wall lights, new bookcase lighting or lamps to create different amounts of light as they wish. Mirrors are used cleverly throughout the room – the sofa tables have mirror bases which reflect the light of the lamps and the coffee table works brilliantly to reflect light upwards. 

The family now call it their beautiful room.

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